The ecosystem for Industrial equipment and services

Our focus

Critical supplies

Supplies that require an in-depth assessment of the ability of the Vendor to deliver (valves, pumps, static equipment, engineering services, …)

Plant Engineering

Oil&Gas (Onshore and Offshore), Conventional Power, Renewables, Chemicals, Nuclear, Mining, Steel&Metals, Marine, Civil & Infrastructure


Buyers and Vendors with an increasing need for global reciprocal visibility.

How supplhi works

1,000+ systems and tools are now translated into one single ecosystem


SupplHi is 100% online. This means access anytime, from anywhere, without the need to download or install any software, and no long waits for new features or bug fixes.

Already part of our ecosystem

Our Solutions

Vendor Registration

Join, free of charge, the 16,000+ vendors from 110+ countries at global level in the 2,250+ Categories of the unique SupplHi Standard Categorization. Registered Vendors can receive the requests for Information (RFI) from new int’l Buyers and the notification of International Tenders for new business opportunities.

Vendor Passport

The assessment of the safe and competent delivery of goods and services, involving all aspects of the business operations including facilities, equipment, tools, competences, roles, internal processes, procedures, sub-contractors based on a proven track record.

Act as a Buyer

Don’t only think of large End-Users and Contractors as Buyers, also sub-contractors, service providers and components manufacturers can be Buyers for selected categories to satisfy their supply chain needs (Compliance, Scouting, Pre-Qualification, Qualification, …).

Projects Database

The market intelligence tool that provides all the key info on Projects you need for Sales, Marketing and Business Development purposes. The DB is updated on a weekly basis and currently includes 4,100+ ongoing and planned projects across all segments of the Oil&Gas industry on a global level.

Tailor-made services

Custom, focused and pragmatic consulting services including, but not limited to: review of internal Goods & Services Categorization, sectorial market studies, scouting of suppliers and competitors, commercial plans, and more.

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