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Access more constantly updated information on existing and new vendors (60,000+ screened and 16,000+ mapped vendors across ~110 Countries in the 2,250 Categories of the SupplHi Standard Categorization) to satisfy your vendor management needs (Scouting, Pre-Qualification, Qualification, Compliance), freeing up time of your senior resources while reducing costs

How it works

1) Contact the SupplHi Team to share your needs

It’s fundamental for the SupplHi Team to understand your required categories of supply, geographical areas of influence and expected utilization of the tool. Buyers have different starting points and experiences, but all share similar needs.

2) SupplHi builds the Business Case for you

A Business Case is built by the SupplHi Team for your organization, detailing the benefits in terms of costs reduction and opportunities’ creation, while delivering live demonstration of the tool

3) Leverage on the platform for your daily needs

End-Users, EPC Contractors, Technology Providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Service Providers leverage on SupplHi to satisfy their vendor management needs (Scouting, Pre-Qualification, Qualification, Compliance), every day

4) Invite additional Vendors to the platform

In order to keep increasing the Vendor base, Buyers have access to online Vendor Registration campaigns that allow them to contact and invite multiple vendors.

5) Updates

Vendors are encouraged to keep their pages updated and are notified when an update is required (e.g. expired certificates, …)

Technical Partner of:

Global coverage

Middle East
A widespread
global coverage
60,000+ screened
15,000+ mapped vendors
110 Countries

Your benefits

Increase the amount and quality of the constantly updated info available on Vendors, in order to:

Tackle new geographies, project types and Local Content

Access to a detailed, focused and accurate supply chain platform, easy to consult and constantly updated, delivered at global level, strongly enlarging the potential basis of “qualified” vendors

Free up time of Senior resources and reduce costs

Possibility to strongly reduce overall vendor management costs for scouting campaigns and vendor assessment activities, free up time of senior engineers to be leveraged – as critical resources – for other value added activities

Mitigate Risk and reduce the non- conformities

Higher ability to manage value chain risks, leveraging on international best practices, with access to a large and unique set of info on vendor performance, including sanitized feedbacks by other buyers

Increase Compliance

Higher ability to manage value chain risks, leveraging on international best practices, with access to a large and unique set of info on vendor performance, including sanitized feedbacks by other buyers

It worked for them

— “We are extremely satisfied in leveraging on SupplHi for our Vendor Management Processes. The SupplHi platform started with a very accurate and structured product categorization, with a very good focus on our industries. It is global and easy to use for all our colleagues spread around the globe, who only need an internet connection to access the service – even in the remote areas where we operate. This not only allows us to reduce costs but also to have a larger vendor arena, constantly updated, reliable and compliant with our quality and safety principles. However what I appreciated above all was the proactive approach adopted by the SupplHi Team, who was always available to support us in our day by day needs, and to consider all of our feedbacks as precious contributions to improve their Product, quickly reflecting them into new functionalities of the platform.”

Mr. Federico Lanzini, Projects Procurement Coordinator and responsible for the Project Materials Qualification Process

Key features

Explore Vendors at Category and Family level

The SupplHi Standard Categorization is divided in a 3-level tree structure made of 45 Groups, ~250 Families, ~2,250 Categories that cover all the needs of the Oil&Gas, Power, Chemical and Shipbuilding industries.

The Categories represent the most specific of the 3 levels of the categorization tree and are where the vendors are registered.

Consulting the list by Family allows for a more general overview.

Search by your Categorization

SupplHi provides a detailed matching – line by line – to all the Buyer organizations that register on our platform. This matches their internal categorization to the categories available online on the platform. This also makes it possible to perform searches according to Buyers’ internal codings.

Scout Vendors & Geo-localize Vendors

Consult the platform to find new Vendors or additional information on existing ones (references, HSE metrics, quality certifications, …) to satisfy your supply chain needs (Scouting, Pre-Qualification, Qualification, Compliance).

All information on the 16,000+ mapped vendors across ~110 Countries are subject to a quality-assurance review by the SupplHi Team before they can go online and become visible to the Buyers.

Vendors are geo-localized based on the applied filters.

You have the possibility to view the distribution of Vendors worldwide, allowing to zoom in on the manufacturing plant and/or offices of each Vendor.

Filter and download your search results and info on Vendors

The platform also allows to perform advanced searches, filtering the large dataset across multiple dimensions: by region / country / location of the manufacturing plants and offices, by industry, types of certifications available, and by references (coming soon).

Results can be easily exported in Excel file at any time.

Consult Registered Vendors’ information

Vendors self-register in the correct goods / services Categories, while constant quality-assurance review of the information is provided by the Category Analysts of the SupplHi Team that support also the updates of the information available.

Each Vendor company has a dedicated page which includes all the information of the Vendor Registration and Vendor Passport.

Consult the Vendor Passports

Buyers, through the platform, have access to the Vendor Passports requested by other Buyers or pro-actively undertaken by vendors. No indication of who initially requested the Vendor Passport is provided.

The Vendor Passport is an innovative tool – developed in collaboration with Lloyd’s Register – that provides an assessment of the safe and competent delivery of complex goods and services, involving all aspects of the business operations including facilities, equipment, tools, competences, roles, internal processes, procedures, sub-contractors.

Consult the int’l Sanction Lists

To ensure Compliance, Buyers can navigate the main International Sanction Lists to see whether a vendor they might be interested in is on them. Buyers can search by: Region, Country or sanction list (e.g. OFAC, EEAS, UN Consolidated List, …).

The information is collected and updated by the SupplHi Team on a monthly basis.

Save your Vendors

Save your vendors on a list that is visible only to you and that can be easily updated and downloaded at any time. It may be a Vendor you want to later investigate, signal to a colleague or simply add to your list for future reference.
You will be able to easily keep track of and manage all the company profiles you are interested in.

Tag vendors within your organization

Tagging vendors allows you to associate a status to companies in your sphere of interest (pre-qualified, qualified, …), making the tagging visible only to yourself and your colleagues. The tagging is done at category level, making vendors subject to different tagging based on their expertise in their different Categories.

Launch Requests for Information (RFIs)

The information available on the platform may raise the need for further clarifications before selecting the best vendors for a deeper interaction. The RFI module is an integrated online tool for commercial as well as technical requests and clarifications that reaches a highly-targeted audience of Vendors.

This functionality will be available starting May 2018.

Vendor Performance Evaluation

Acting as an integrated Vendor Management system, SupplHi will incorporate inputs provided by your project team, making them available only within your organization.

The Vendor Performance Evaluation is based on a set of standard criteria (Overall, Quality, Delivery, Behaviour, HSE) that can be customized by the Buyer.

This functionality will be available in 2018.

Training, Key Account Manager and platform Updates

At the time of subscription, the SupplHi Team will deliver:

  • the matching of your internal categorization with the SupplHi Standard Categorization. made available on the platform;
  • up to 5 dedicated training sessions of ~1 hour each;
  • a first point of contact for any of your organization’s needs.

Moreover, SupplHi is 100% online: this means access anytime, from anywhere, without the need to download or install any software, and no long waits for new features or bug fixes.

Possibility to run SupplHi in parallel with existing in house tools

You can enjoy unlimited number of accesses for your organization, managed by a Super-User that provides “endorsement” to other  registered colleagues.

SupplHi’s flexibility allows for it to be used both as an independent tool as well as jointly with your other internal and existing systems for vendor management.

Moreover, data integration is possible with all the major ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle, …).

Use it as an equipment manufacturer and service provider whilst being a Buyer

The platform allows for two separate profiles to be managed by a single company – as a Buyer and as a Vendor.

This solution is typically valued by OEMs and Vendors providing their finished goods (e.g. Packages, Compressors, Valves, …), acting as Buyers of services, sub-components and mid-supply chain requirements (e.g. Foundries, Forges, …).

Why the SupplHi ecosystem is Unique

1. Industry-specific

SupplHi is focused around critical supplies for the energy industry at global level. This means supplies that require an in-depth assessment of the ability of the Vendor to deliver (valves, pumps, engineering services, …) for the Oil&Gas (Onshore and Offshore), Power, Renewables and other “adjacent” industries (Chemicals, Marine, Steel & Metals, Mining, …).

2. Standard categorization

A universal language at the heart of the platform. The entire SupplHi platform is built around the SupplHi Standard Categorization of goods and services, which has been developed with the industry, setting the basis for a common language.

3. Comprehensive

SupplHi does not limit its focus to some categories of supply, rather it covers all the needs of the industrial plant engineering value chain. Not only goods but services alike, including the sub-supplies (e.g. foundries, forges, mechanical works, …).

4. Truly global

The heavy industry requires a mix of global and local approaches to create value for organizations. For example, Buyers in the Middle East may require vendors that satisfy Local Content, while Vendors in China may be trying to reach Buyers in South America. Our industry is truly global and so is SupplHi. Since inception SupplHi has covered the markets of supplies at a global level, hosting vendors from over 110 Countries.

5. Flexible

For SupplHi it is fundamental to be able to answer the client’s needs that originate from different starting points. For example, in the case of Buyers that are already supported by internal platforms or other external providers, SupplHi may run in parallel with existing tools.

6. Easy-to-use

The User Experience is at the core of SupplHi platform: in a digitally interconnected world where individuals are accustomed to having access to real time information in an effective way, companies need to keep leading the way as they did in the past. The platform focuses on: being intuitive, requiring very limited training and quickness in utilization.

7. Focused knowledge

The quality assurance process behind the SupplHi platform is key to deliver value to Clients and it requires knowledge of the different markets of supply. We leverage on Category Analysts and Managers who collaborate with Senior Experts in order to keep the Categorization relevant to the current market competition.

8. Value added

SupplHi was developed to bring value to Buyers through access to a global database of Vendors registered in the correct specific categories of supply. This not only allows for cost reduction in the form of CAPEX and OPEX for vendor assessments, but also reduces risk and increases compliance through the registration.

9. Your vendors acting as buyers

People often tend to only think of large End-Users and EPC Contractors as “Buyers”. Sub-contractors, service providers and components manufacturers need to be Buyers for selected categories in order to satisfy their supply chain needs. SupplHi allows smaller Buyers and component manufacturers to be Buyers on the platform.

10. Managed by an independent third party

The collaboration with partners such as Lloyd’s Register for the Vendor Passport service, and local highly reputable organizations of Contractors, Components Manufacturers and Service Providers is key to further enhance the network effect of the platform and to continuously enrich the quality of the services delivered.

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