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Leverage on focused and pragmatic consulting services including, but not limited to: review of internal Goods & Services Categorization, market studies, commercial plans, and more

How it works

1) Share your needs around focused activities

Get in touch with the SupplHi Team to discuss your need: Procurement / Supply Chain and Business Development are our typical interfaces in your organization. The SupplHi Team will be sharing its experiences and references on the topic, before issuing a Technical and Economic Proposal for your evaluation.

2) Leverage on SupplHi’s focused expertise

The SupplHi Team is composed of professionals with experiences in top-tier international Management Consulting Firms. You can leverage on SupplHi’s focused expertise on critical supplies for the Oil&Gas, Power, Chemical and Shipbuilding industries at global level, combined with a pragmatic and “hands-on” approach to problem solving and data analysis.

3) Project execution

The SupplHi Team is able to deliver from its offices as well as to support you in person at your premises – as per your needs. Activities are typically part of a Lump Sum contract and delivered on a short schedule to satisfy your Procurement / Supply Chain and Business Development needs.

4) “Actionable” deliverable

SupplHi builds practical tools to help make the best decisions and implement results quickly instead of limiting itself to only delivering recommendations.

Global coverage

Example of project delivered

Your benefits

Improve processes

Buyers and Vendors organizations are constantly looking for efficiency in their Procurement / Supply Chain and Business Development processes.

Boost market intelligence

Access to detailed mapping of your specific market, kept constantly updated to reflect the continuous evolutions.

Improve knowledge of specific supplies

Improve knowledge of specific categories of supply, especially relevant for new markets/ geographies.

Save time and costs compared to internal activities

Reduce the time and costs on Tailor Made Services, leveraging on professionals that have focused international experience, freeing up time of your internal resources and having certainty about delivery times.

It worked for them

— “I was impressed with how easily SupplHi grasped the issues associated with our area of interest, and how quickly you responded with quality information. When combined with the quality of your report, the depth of your investigation has differentiated SupplHi in your very competitive business. I very much appreciate the support provided by SupplHi and look forward to working together again in the future.”

Mr. Dan Button
President, Final Control – Emerson Process Managements

— “I would like to thank the SupplHi Team for the delivery of the ‘Review of the Categorization of Goods and Services’ Project for the Maire Tecnimont Group. My colleagues and I are very pleased with the outcome of the project carried out in 2016, which was one of the building blocks towards bring efficiency to our day-to-day operations. Your presence and support throughout the process were key for us.”

Francesco Micheletti
Group Procurement Intelligence and Performance Management, Head of Department

— “I am writing to thank you on behalf of Petrofac for the quality of the service provided by SupplHi for the setup and delivery of the Product Categorization of Petrofac Goods and Services.
Throughout the duration of the 6 months collaboration, you team has consistently proven to possess remarkable and matchless expertise in this niche line of business. We sincerely appreciate the professionalism, cooperation, and reliability demonstrated by yourself and your team to accommodate our requirements for the delivery of our customized Product Categorization.
SupplHi has truly set itself apart from the competition, and we look forward to continuously developing this relationship in our future endeavours.”

Angelo Di Tata
Director – Supply Chain Management

Key features

Categorization Optimization

An efficient Categorization of Goods and Services is a fundamental tool for Buyers and should reflect the market competition amongst vendors as well as Buyer’s internal needs.

SupplHi has a consolidated experience on Categorization Optimizations with top-tier international EPC Contractors, End-Users and OEMs, with a proven approach that is category-driven and characterized by a strong interaction with the Buyer organization (involving Procurement, Engineering Project Control, …).

Scouting and evaluation of suppliers and competitors

SupplHi has developed a proven and consolidated approach to support Buyers that frequently need to scout the market for new suppliers in specific categories of supply and/or geographies. This is required in order to increase the Local Content and to perform global sourcing to continuously achieve Capital and Operational Efficiency (reductions in CAPEX and OPEX).

Such approach by SupplHi also supported Vendors’ need to scout Competitors, typically for entry strategies in new geographies and M&A activities in markets that are a step to the “core” business of the vendor.

Technical Due Diligence

Delivered in collaboration with Lloyd’s Register, when you identify an attractive investment opportunity, which involves technical knowledge and experience but you are an industrial player or a private investor, bank or private equity fund and you don’t possess the right set of technical skills and knowledge. We cover a deep and detailed technical assessment of the enterprise / EPC contractor, as well as of all the supply chain involved such as suppliers / sub-suppliers / sub-contractors.

Market Analysis focused around specific goods and services

Specific goods and services in the Oil&Gas, Power, Chemical and Shipbuilding industries have niche applications and markets, which require dedicated analyses. SupplHi distinctively delivers detailed market estimates (referring to both CAPEX and OPEX) by segment, geography and type of good/service, as well as information on competitors and key success factors in the different markets.

Commercial and Business Planning

Commercial and Business Planning for Vendors operating in the Oil&Gas, Power, Chemical and Shipbuilding industries requires the distinctive knowledge of the SupplHi Team of the industry trends and client needs.

It usually starts with an analysis of the existing portfolio of goods and services facing clients’ needs and competition, followed by an assessment of the extent and the depth of product portfolio. It implies the scouting of new clients and the prioritization of both segments and clients, including the definition of the best go-to-market strategy and an estimation of required investments (certifications, qualification, R&D, …) for each prioritized segment of clients.

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