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Leverage on a free single platform to be visible to multiple Buyers on a global level by maintaining your info constantly updated and being recognized as a key industry player

How it works

1. Introduction

First contact between Vendor and SupplHi, typically through:”

  • Buyer Invitation
  • Invitation by Associations
  • SupplHi Team invitation
  • Self-candidacy

2. Information Upload

Vendor uploads all the relevant information, leveraging on the support of SupplHi’s dedicated Category Management team

3. Information Approval

Vendor information is checked and approved. When required, SupplHi may leverage on the support of Senior Experts or ask the Vendor for clarifications

4. Vendor goes online

Once approved, the Vendor page is published online and can be accessed by registered Buyers

5. Updates

Vendors are encouraged to keep their pages updated and are notified when an update is required (e.g. expired certificates, …)

Global coverage

Middle East
A widespread
global coverage
60,000+ screened
15,000+ mapped vendors
110 Countries


Get Pre-Qualified by more int’l Buyers

Be visible to multiple Buyers on a global level: a single registration provides access to new opportunities and in many cases to automatic Pre-Qualification with new Buyers.

Save time and lower costs for Pre-Qualification

Reduce the time and costs allocated to Client Pre-Qualification, not only in providing the right information but also in keeping it always up to date.


Get notified on int’l RFIs and Tenders

Registered Vendors can receive notification of int’l Tenders collected by the SupplHi Team as well as RFIs from new and existing int’l Buyers through the platform.

Be recognized as a key industry player

The Oil&Gas, Power, Chemical and Shipbuilding industries require constant international visibility to benefit from opportunities that are available on a global level.

It worked for them

— “We are very satisfied with the SupplHi platform. The Vendor Registration was straightforward and the SupplHi Team was very helpful during the process. The accurate and structured product categorization is key for being identified as a supplier in the right category, and made it easy to choose our categories of supply. The platform is easy to navigate and has allowed us to highlight our competences as a leading Vendor. Most importantly it is a platform that is really used by our Clients, making it the right place to be for us to be more visible.”

Mr. Stefano Malagodi, CEO Innovo

Key features

As a standard “pre-qualification”

The information asked in the Vendor Registration process includes eight sets, not all mandatory: Basic Group Data, Categories, References, Company Structure, Financials, Quality & HSE, Other Info, History & News. It acts as a Standard “Pre-Qualification” in the Oil&Gas, Power, Chemical and Shipbuilding industries.

Choose the correct categories among ~2,250 industrial goods and services

The Standard Categorization was designed in collaboration with End Users, EPC Contractors, key Vendors and Trade Associations, on an international level. It sets a common language, reflects market competition and is kept updated based on constant feedback. As a Vendor you have the chance to propose new categories and adjustments to existing ones.

Keep your Company’s profile constantly updated

A Certificate of Vendor Registration is issued at the end of the Registration, with a 1-year validity. As a company’s “Super-User” you will be able to keep the necessary information constantly updated.

Furthermore, you will be able to “endorse” your colleagues, giving them the same level of enhanced visibility of the information on the platform that you have.

You will have the possibility to pass on your Super-User role to a colleague, should you require it.

Access to int’l Tenders

The SupplHi Team constantly monitors public Tenders that are available on a global level in the Oil&Gas, Power, Chemical and Shipbuilding industries and allocates the potential tenders (~500 per month) in the right categories of supply, consequently notifying the potentially interested Vendors that are Registered on the platform.

Access to Request for Information (RFIs)

The Request for Information (RFI) module is an integrated online tool for clarifications used by the Buyers of the platform and that reaches a highly-targeted audience of Vendors.
Registered Vendors can receive the requests for Information (RFI) from new and existing int’l Buyers through the platform.

Vendor Registration is free of charge for all types of Vendors